Indexing & Proofreading

Christine Dudgeon

Experienced indexer and proofreader.


An index offers complete, alphabetical access to the information found in your book. Your publication needs a high quality index. Readers will want to find specific information quickly and efficiently. I am a professional indexer offering indexing services for authors and publishers. I can provide you with a well-structured, accurate, user-friendly index that will add value to your publication

Topics I index include:

  • Environment
  • Outdoor activities
  • Canadian history
  • Nutrition & health
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Green building

I enjoy new subjects. You will see in my Recent Projects that I have enjoyed indexing a diverse range of topics.


Ensuring that your publication is free from errors is an important final step. A proofreader can check for minor inconsistencies that you’ve missed and problems introduced when your manuscript is transformed into its final format for publishing. If these small errors are left in, the credibility of the information can be questioned — readers wonder if errors in the text mean errors in the information.

Would You Like More Information?

The importance of indexes and proofreading


Why do you need an index? Think about the important information you have worked to develop and explain in your publication. Your reader will always be able to find it if you have an index.


You've written your paper, it's all ready to send out. But first it needs once last check with fresh eyes.